One Size Does Not Fit All!

Knowing what kind of reward works best for certain types of venues and their customers is something we know a lot about.

We have over 150 lines of product to cater for all tastes from cheese and crackers, sweet biscuits, confectionary and of course nuts and mixes.

Working with you we can help maximise your return on investment by selecting the right mix of products and the right method of portion control.

Handy Portion Packs

With more taste and less waste, our handy sized packs come in just about every variety. They’re the perfect way to ensure customers get just the right amount of snack that’s always fresh.

Dispenser Ready

Our perfectly sized dispenser cups are the hygienic way to encourage controlled usage of our self-serve dispensers.

Individually Wrapped

The timeless classic. Simple, measured portion control that still manages to feel special whatever the venue or product.

Custom Branded

The possibilities are endless for your own branded snack packets. For minimum runs they are highly effective for special occasions or promotional one-off events.