Goodies, Treats and Nibbles!

Every one of our huge range of products has been hand selected for its ability to reward customers and do so with a particular taste profile and price point in mind.

We are often asked what are our most popular lines and we thought the best way to answer that question was to share our overall top ten.

Whilst this can change according to seasonality and interestingly does vary from state to state, nevertheless our top ten includes the perennial favourites as well as a few newcomers.

  • Handy Portion Packs
  • Dispenser Ready
  • Individually Wrapped
  • Custom Branded
Australian Salted Peanuts

1. Australian Salted Peanuts

The number one favourite bar snack since forever! Ours are special though. We only offer 100% Virginia style split dry roasted peanuts grown and packed in Australia. We pride ourselves on their quality and the fresh roasted flavour that makes them so good.
Hotel Mix

2. Hotel Mix

This super popular mix contains our Australian grown peanuts, Kri Kri nuts and rice crackers. Its combination of mild flavours and mouthwatering variety makes it a favourite in the gaming room for all patrons.
Mint & Fruit Buttons

3. Mint & Fruit Buttons

Rounding out the top three with individually wrapped confectionary in the guise of the well known Aussie classic mint and fruit buttons. Always a crowd pleaser!
Caramelised Biscuits

4. Caramelised Biscuits

Enhance your foodservice brand with Little Bakes individually wrapped, premium traditional Belgian caramelised biscuits, crafted to be the ideal gesture to complement tea or coffee. Designed to leave a lasting and memorable impression, each melt in the mouth moment is adorned with one of four different bespoke messages for your customers.
Bar Mix

5. Bar Mix

Another classic actually available in three flavours: Sweet Chilli Lime, Tex-Mex and ever popular BBQ. It’s the unique combination of nuts and multigrain soy chips that keeps it interesting.
Fruit Chews

6. Fruit Chews

The second confectionary product to make the top ten. Simple, individually wrapped and in mouth watering fruit flavours. Sometimes it’s all you need!
Aussie Lolly Mix

7. Aussie Lolly Mix

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our delicious Aussie Lolly Mix! Packed with a variety of yummy classics like snakes, jelly babies and bananas. There’s sure to be something in the mix for everyone to enjoy!

8. Pretzels

Another perennial favourite is our crunchy, salted bite-sized pretzels. The perfect crowd pleaser snack, best accompanied with a cold beverage to be enjoyed by all!
Salted Deluxe Mix

9. Salted Deluxe Mix

Our delicious combination of lightly roasted and salted deluxe mixed nuts includes almonds, walnuts, brazil and macadamia nuts. The perfect salty snack to enjoy with a beverage or just on their own!
Chocolate Eclairs

10. Chocolate Eclairs

Who can resist the lure of a chocolate centred creamy toffee eclair? Timeless, ever popular and always in our top ten whatever the season.